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"By the way I just got my three 3 gallon B. alfredii from you. They look great and shipping was fast. Thanks for your reply, Jeff."
COLD-HARDY PALM TREES                                                 
(updated 12/1/13)
These are palms that can endure lows of 32F (0C) to -15F(-26C) respectively.  They are well-suited for mild to moderate climates in northern FL, AL, TX, AZ, NV,  and CA.
              seedling                                      3gallon                                 older specimen
Beccariophoenix alfredii- Cold Hardy Coconut Palm
Withstands temps down to 25F; single trunk; mature height 50ft
An exciting introduction in recent years, this palm may eventually replace the common Coconut Palm in landscape applications!  It produces small seeds that are only 1 inch in diameter, is fairly fast growing, tolerates drought and low humidity, and is every bit as beautiful as a Coconut Palm.  Discovered on the high central plateau of Madagascar growing along rocky streams, this palm has been imported into the United States and grown by only a select few nurseries.  It is great for Florida, Hawaii, southern CA, and mild climates in AZ, NV, TX, LA, NC, SC, VA, and GA.
Beccario alfredii seedling LG
Price: $19.99
Beccario alfredii 3gallon
Price: $34.99
*NEW* Mule Palm (xButiagrus Nabonnandii)  >Click here to order
One of the first palm tree hybrids, the Mule Palm is a hybrid between the common Pindo Palm (Butia capitata) and Queen Palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana).  It is fast-growing, extremely drought-tolerant, and bears a slight resemblance to the common Coconut Palm.  It tolerates hard freezes down to 15 deg F.  We have 12ft specimens available by special order (above).

Rhapidophillum hystrix- Needle Palm; Porcupine Palm
Withstands temps down to -15F; clustering; mature height 6-8ft
R. hystrix 1gal
Price: $34.99

Sabal minor- Dwarf Cabbage Palm
Withstands temps down to 5F; clustering; mature height 6-8ft

Serenoa repens "Silver"- Palmetto Palm; Saw Palmetto
Withstands temps down to 10F; clustering; mature height 6-8ft
Syagrus schizophylla x romanzoffiana F1 (Syagrus Xmontgomeryana)- Coco Queen Hybrid
Withstands temps down to 25F; single trunk; mature height 30ft   >Click here to order