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NOTE: All plants are sent bare-root in moist spaghnum moss and insulated to protect from some heat and frost.  If you would like a plant shipped in its container, please contact us first.
Other Plants (Aloes, agave, houseplants, etc.)                            
(updated 10/3/13)
Agave sp. 'Ron Hoak'
Full sun to shade; Mature Size: 36in H x 36in W; Drought tolerant
Agave sp. Ron Hoak 6"cont.
Price: $24.99
Aloe vera
Full sun to shade; Mature Size: 36in H; Drought tolerant.  Heat tolerant.
Aloe vera 3-5 offsets
Price: $9.99
Aspidistra elatior variegated (Cast Iron Plant)
Filtered sun, shade, or indoors; Mature Size: 14in H; Very low maintenance.
Clusia guittifera variegated (Pitch Apple; Autograph Tree)
Full sun to shade; Mature Size: 10ft H x 10ft W
Clusia guittifera varieg 1gal
Price: $39.99
Crinum sp. "Variegated"
Filtered sun; Mature size: 5-6ft H x 4ft W
Crinum Lily variegated 1gal
Price: $39.99
*NEW SIZES*Furcraea gigantea variegated
Full sun to shade; Mature Size: 72in H x 72in W; Drought tolerant
Furcraea gigantea variegated 1gal
Price: $19.99
Furcraea gigantea variegated 3gal
Price: $29.99

Furcraea gigantea variegated 7gal
Price: $49.99

Furcraea gigantea medio-picta
Full sun to shade; Mature Size: 72in H x 72in W
Furcraea gigantea medio-pict 1gal
Price: $29.99
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